Best Desert Safari Dubai - An Exclusive Experience

Dubai is a vibrant city of surprises filled with fun and adventure-filled activities to excite and amaze you every day you spend there. But one of the most compelling and breathtaking adventures is the desert safari, which everyone can experience at any time of the day. From a 4×4 ride, dune bashing, Live BBQ, Quad Biking, and henna painting to belly and Tanoura dancing. If you are visiting Dubai, you just can’t ignore this for the experience of a lifetime.

The deserts in Dubai are unlike any, full of fun, entertainment, and enthralling activities in a 6-hour tour only. Regardless of the popularity of desert safari Dubai, many people who visit Dubai never get the chance to experience this fantastic adventure site because they don’t know how to get there. That’s why we at Blue Planet tourism make it possible for everyone to reach this fantastic destination and enjoy everything it offers by planning your trips at highly reasonable prices. From travel to food, accommodation, and activities, we plan everything for you, so you just have to come and experience it all.

Make your Dubai vacation memorable by immersing yourself in the best desert safari adventures. If you don’t know how to book and what to do, we are here to help you access the majestic dunes for a fascinating excursion in the deserts of Dubai. From breathtaking sunsets, wavy dunes, and belly dancing to the famous camel rides, we plan it all for you just through a simple click to book our deal. Rest assured, all our deals for desert safari Dubai offer the most reasonable prices that cover all activities and adventures. We also offer a variety of packages so that you can choose according to your interest, itinerary, and budget.

What To Expect From the Best Desert Safari

The best desert safari is a once-in-a-lifetime expedition you can’t ignore if you visit Dubai. Whether you are an adventure-loving person or just like to enjoy the serenity of natural habitat while star-gazing in the cold desert, desert safari Dubai has so much to offer for everyone. Since the activities there are in full swing at all times of the day, you will have something to do no matter what time you visit there. However, most people love the gorgeous nighttime activities of the desert safari and come from faraway lands to enjoy the Bedouin camping, bonfires, and belly dancing – the most loved part of the desert safari. On the other hand, crazy quad biking, sand boarding, buggy riding, dune bashing, camel riding, and more are things to enjoy during the day. Once all set, Bedouin camping is one experience that you can only get in Dubai. Want to know more? Here is all about it.

Morning Desert Safari

The morning desert safari is unlike anything you have experienced before. Imagine diving in the golden dunes where the sand looks filled with diamonds shining and sparkling like water sparkling in the sunlight. People from all over the world come to morning desert safari for endless fun activities.

Want to start your day with the most refreshing experience? There’s nothing better than a morning desert safari tour. Since everything is brighter and more evident in the sunlight, there is no better time to see the beauty of the Dubai desert in the morning. You will get to see the majestic dunes, the most attention-grabbing landscapes and sceneries, the wildlife of the desert, and all the activities that feel so much happening during the daytime compared to the nighttime activities.

These activities usually take place from 8 am to 11 am and are planned so that our tourists don’t get to bear the scorching heat of the desert.

Evening Desert Safari

There is no better way to spend the night than sleeping under the open sky full of stars. The overnight desert safari is all about that. While day trips are full of fun and excitement, the overnight desert safari is calm and serene. You will go through the most beautiful streets before reaching the desert and ride through the dunes that are better than any amusement park ride. Away from the city and into the soaring skies of the desert.

The darkness of the desert and the stars above are the beauty of the overnight stay, but a dune ride at this time is even crazier; you never know what’s ahead of you, and every dune you cross is a surprise on the ride. Our professional drivers assure your safety while you enjoy the ride, and after the dune bashing experience, you reach your Bedouin camp. Once there, you can go for a camel ride, sand boarding, buggy riding, and have the dinner buffet under the stars. The best part comes at the end when you see the sunrise the following day.

Overnight Desert Safari

The iconic desert safari is always the most held discussion among tourists in Dubai. People coming from any country know all about this location and its vibe. Desert safari in Dubai is where belly dancing magic happens, and the ambiance is set for a night to remember. The sight and vibe at the evening desert safari are unforgettable, and people come here time and time again to experience the culture-rich environment in nature with exciting surprises throughout the night.

Evening desert safari is the perfect way to spend the night. So if you are planning to book the evening desert safari, hold on tight and be ready to see the adrenaline-pumping action as you get the best start gazing experience during the evening. But before that, there is a lot to experience, from belly dancing to a traditional BBQ buffet, bonfires, fire dances, and so much more. This trip is sure to add unforgettable memories to your Dubai holiday trip.

These activities usually take place from 4 pm to 9 pm.

Bookings and Offers

So what are you waiting for? Book your desert safari package now and enjoy a mesmerizing journey full of fun and adventures! 

What Is The Cost Of Dubai Desert Safari

Many people wonder about the Dubai desert safari’s cost and consider it quite expensive. But that’s not true; we make the desert safari adventure accessible for all at reasonable prices so that no one misses out on the most enthralling experience in Dubai.

Desert Safari adventures are always open for booking your craziest holiday getaway. Book a desert safari package now and get ready to experience the best!

100 AED

120 AED

250 AED

What's The Best Itinerary for Desert Safari Dubai

Regardless of the morning, evening, and overnight activities defined, people prefer to see the best itinerary for the desert safari in Dubai to make the most of it. All our packages and deals include similar services with slight variations, so get the most of them that fit your budget. However, the safety and experience of our clients are our utmost priority, which is why we always follow the same security protocols.

When you choose Blue Planet Tourism, we ensure you experience all the activities at desert safari Dubai, which is why we have come up with an exclusive all-in-one itinerary to let you have the time of your life without missing out on anything.

Here is what the itinerary looks like when you choose Blue Planet Tourism for your desert safari in Dubai.

Pick & Drop

Pick and Drop is provided to all our clients depending on their chosen package. Air-conditioned buses are offered through centralized locations in Dubai, while 4×4 vehicles pick you up from your hotel or home.

Dune Bashing

The most exciting part of the desert safari, as you enter the desert, you get an amazing dune bashing experience as the professional drivers go up and down the dunes and zig-zag through the ridges while speeding through the sand slopes. Since the drivers are experienced and trained, they perform all the stunts they can to give you an exclusive experience every time.

Bedouin Style Camp

As you reach the desert, you are accommodated in shared Bedouin-style camps, where you can enjoy the welcome drinks, tea, coffee, or water to refresh yourself after all your body has been jolted during the dune bashing experience. These camps are all about Arabian culture, so you get to experience the traditional themes of Dubai.

Camel Ride

Once you are at the camps, you can go for camel rides. Camels are a part of Arab tradition, their oldest companions throughout history. The camel rides are no less than dune bashing as camels have a unique way of walking through the sand and going up and down the dunes, unlike any camel ride you might have had.

Henna Painting

Arabic henna is known and adored worldwide. On a desert safari, henna painting is a must-have experience. Get a henna tattoo on your hands and make them look more beautiful. This activity is only for women and kids; they can get any tattoo of their choice with all organic plant-derived henna paste.

Try Out The Arabian Outfits

As you visit the Dubai desert, you get to see all of Arabia’s traditions and culture, and Arabian outfits are one way to try them. Try on traditional dresses and take as many pictures as you want. Something necessary to bless your Insta-stories with

Sand Boarding

Fully utilize the majestic dunes, grab the sandboards and get ready to slide through the dunes. Completely safe and fun; the best part is you don’t get hurt even if you fall during the sledding through the sand. Enjoy alone or have fun with your friends.

BBQ Buffet Dinner (Veg & Non-Veg)

Similar to all other things Arabian, this BBQ buffet allows you to enjoy the BBQ buffet dinner on Arabian carpets. The buffet is available in veg and non-veg variations for your preferred food choices.

Live Shows

Five live shows will take your attention as you settle down after all the activities and enjoy the BBQ buffet. The most liked are Fire Tanoura Dancing Show, Zumba Dance, Tanoura Dance, and Belly Dance.


To let you experience all the activities of the desert safari, we have chosen the best times for the tour. As you hire us for your desert safari, we will pick you up between 2:00 and 2:30 pm and drop you off between 8:30 and 9:30 pm. The Tour operator will also share the trip’s itinerary with you as soon as you book with us and choose the package you like.

Suggestions for Desert Safari Dubai

  • Pregnant women and individuals with spinal or neck disorders should avoid this product.
  • Children under the age of three are entirely free.
  • During breaks, open shoes, flip-flops, or sandals are preferable because you will be able to sport on the dunes. Sand can enter your shoes through a multitude of channels.
  • If you’re going on an outdoor adventure, don’t forget to bring sunscreen. Don’t forget to wear a hat and sunglasses as well.
  • Because the desert can be fairly hot, keep yourself hydrated.
  • Bring a camera or a video camera to capture the excitement of the trip as well as the stunning beauty of the desert.
  • You should bring cash or a credit card. Along the way to the desert, there will be rest stops where you may buy light refreshments. The official tour photographer’s photographs and movies, as well as souvenirs from the stores, are for sale.

Free Inclusions

Pick & Drop

4x4 Dune Drive

Camel Riding

BBQ Buffet Dinner

Live Shows

Arabic Dress Pictures

Soft Drinks/Water

Unlimited Refreshments

Desert Safari Video Highlights

Desert Safari Tour Gallery

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Desert safari is exceptionally reasonable for all. The cost of a desert safari starts from 60 AED and can go up to 250-300 AED depending on your chosen activities. Several packages allow you to increase or decrease the cost per your budget.

It’s completely safe to go on a desert safari but never alone. Since it’s a desert, you must beware of the wildlife there. However, when traveling with groups and tour guides, the tour guides always make you go through the safety and precautions you must take while in the desert.

Wear light, breathable clothes and keep a jacket, shawl, or sweater, as the nights in the desert are usually cold. Ensure you don’t eat anything heavy before the trip, as the dune bashing can make you vomit like any other thriller ride. Also, it’s better to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated as the weather gets dry in the desert

If you want to go on a desert safari with family, choosing the package where you get a 4×4 pick & drop from home is better. It gives you a more personalized family holiday experience and remains comfortable throughout.

Yes, it’s completely safe and risk-free. All the drivers are experienced and trained for the dune bashing and all the stunts they perform for you. Safety equipment is installed in all 4x4s, and tire pressure is reduced to ensure safety as you get the enthralling experience.

The booking for desert safari Dubai is always open. You just need to reach out to us, and we will arrange the rest for you. However, it is always recommended to book once you are in Dubai. As your tour is booked, our CSR will share the itinerary with you and your pickup and drop-off timing and location.